Thursday, 4 October 2012

My Studio Space - New Beads

There is nothing like new colourful beads to cause my mind to go into creative overdrive!

To me, shopping for new supplies is one of the best parts of the jewellery making process.

As I park the car, grab my bag and make my way to the door of the supplier... I'm already planning a whole lot of new projects.. but once I walk in the door... the 'kid in a lolly shop' analogy comes to mind. Can other jewellery makers relate to this?

Here is a selection of colourful Malaysian jade and chalcedony beads - some faceted to capture the light. Once priced, I often store them in small containers or plastic bags.  Keeping my little creative studio space organised and tidy through managing a gazillion small components is an ongoing challenge..but well worth it!!

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