Wednesday, 17 October 2012


I have confessed to a bead obsession but realised I needed to face my other obsession - Chocolate.

I set the date and negotiated (with myself) a set of rules.

October..was renamed 'Choctober' -  resulting in a personal challenge to address my daily chocolate intake and CUT DOWN!!

Here is the current stash -

And here is the deal -

2 squares per day!!

I'm over 1/2 way through Choctober and up until day 14 - I was doing really well and sticking to my self imposed rules.
On days 14 and 15.... I.. kinda... sorta.... lost the plot a bit and several rows somehow (how could that be..??) disappeared at a time.

Day 16... almost back on track..
Today - Day 17 is yet to be conquered but I'm feeling confident I can do it... ( I think...)
I'll report back at the end of 'Choctober'.

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