Sunday, 26 August 2012

My Creative Space - All Agog for Green

Inspired by a raft of beautiful green items of clothing hitting the stores in Sydney this season, I have been sifting through my stash of green beads and this asymmetrical necklace (above) is the latest creation. It features green glass and silver beads and I can see it being worn with casual weekend wear or for a splash of colour at work. The picture below is one I made several months ago and features the same colour green in a multi-strand with small black beads to give a more dramatic contrast.......

Saturday, 25 August 2012

My Creative Space - Working with Freshwater Pearls

The pearl necklace is now finished and ready to be worn out and about. It is a combination of pearls and chain ....knotted cream freshwater pearls in 3 strands at the front and silver chain at the back. It has the elegance of a multi strand necklace without the full weight and the chain also creates a more contemporary look.

As I was playing with pearls this week, I also created a pair of coin shaped freshwater pearl earrings.. they are a beautiful soft grey colour and have a lovely natural lustre... ....

I'll be adding the earrings to my Made It store this week.

Sunday, 19 August 2012

My Creative Space - Knotting Pearls

I'm very fond of freshwater pearls. ... perhaps too fond. I have a stash of them in a range of colours and a number of projects on the go all waiting to be finished.
I spent about 2 hours yesterday hand knotting pearls to make a multi-strand necklace for myself to wear with a black dress. It is not quite finished but here is my necklace in the making .......

Saturday, 18 August 2012

Happenings This Week - Lunch + Earrings

This photo is the view from our table at Sydney Rowers Club during a family lunch this week. We were sitting by the window and my 6 year old niece Emma snapped this photo of a quiet little bend in the Parramatta River. My Creative Space there were more earring adventures this week. These 'Candy Stripe' earrings will be perfect for someone with a love of colour.

Sunday, 12 August 2012

In The Garden - Waiting for Spring

My garden has been a bit neglected over winter but can't wait to get back out there as Spring approaches. Here are some shots from my little patch of green.

On the southern side - there is a shady spot for ferns and this little statue livens up all the green.

Saturday, 11 August 2012

My Creative Space - Earrings in Blue

I was keen to make earrings this week and with our cold winter Sydney weather I wanted to dive into blue - perhaps hoping to bring on spring and summer with thoughts of blue skies and the ocean.

 Here is what evolved - a mix of silver, Czech glass, Howlite and a splash of red.

Howlite (included in 4 of the earrings above)  is mostly seen as a white to grey gemstone with grey, brown or black veins but looks like Turquoise when dyed blue - as the pattern of veins are similar in each stone.

Howlite is apparently known as a very calming stone and also evokes creativity. Have to admit I adore Howlite ... and to me it means summer and warmth.

As it is only 15-16 degrees today... I eagerly await a warm Sydney summer.

Monday, 6 August 2012

The Adventures of Murphy

I did a Fun Run yesterday with a good friend Martina, her dog Mango and my dog Murphy.

It was a 7km 'run' (although we walked the entire way) around the beautiful Iron Cove in Sydney's inner west. The event is known as the 'Bay Run' and the 7km path follows the natural course of the cove and never really deviates  from the water. The water views are amazing and Sydney turned on fabulous weather. 

The conditions were favourable .. but despite our best efforts we came in 2nd and 3rd last in our division (dog walkers 'Pet + Owner' division). 

Murphy is not known for his speed and with his little short legs and obsession with sniffing every scent left by all the dogs in front, we moved at a slow pace and actually thought we had come last! 

Here is Murphy having a well deserved rest post event.

Saturday, 4 August 2012

My Creative Space - Working in Brown

I love making necklaces and have been working in browns and olive tones in recent days.

Here is a new creation named 'Woodland Walk' which features brown wooden beads and lovely olive Picasso glass beads from Czechoslovakia (Czech beads are always beautifully finished .. the Czech's certainly know how to make a good bead!).

I'm also finished a necklace for a friend this weekend in similar tones.

 I've noticed when you make jewellery that the 'To Do' list never seems to get any shorter!