Saturday, 11 August 2012

My Creative Space - Earrings in Blue

I was keen to make earrings this week and with our cold winter Sydney weather I wanted to dive into blue - perhaps hoping to bring on spring and summer with thoughts of blue skies and the ocean.

 Here is what evolved - a mix of silver, Czech glass, Howlite and a splash of red.

Howlite (included in 4 of the earrings above)  is mostly seen as a white to grey gemstone with grey, brown or black veins but looks like Turquoise when dyed blue - as the pattern of veins are similar in each stone.

Howlite is apparently known as a very calming stone and also evokes creativity. Have to admit I adore Howlite ... and to me it means summer and warmth.

As it is only 15-16 degrees today... I eagerly await a warm Sydney summer.

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