Monday, 6 August 2012

The Adventures of Murphy

I did a Fun Run yesterday with a good friend Martina, her dog Mango and my dog Murphy.

It was a 7km 'run' (although we walked the entire way) around the beautiful Iron Cove in Sydney's inner west. The event is known as the 'Bay Run' and the 7km path follows the natural course of the cove and never really deviates  from the water. The water views are amazing and Sydney turned on fabulous weather. 

The conditions were favourable .. but despite our best efforts we came in 2nd and 3rd last in our division (dog walkers 'Pet + Owner' division). 

Murphy is not known for his speed and with his little short legs and obsession with sniffing every scent left by all the dogs in front, we moved at a slow pace and actually thought we had come last! 

Here is Murphy having a well deserved rest post event.

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