Sunday, 7 October 2012

In The Garden - Backyard Blitz in progress

The onset of spring has prompted me to get out in the garden and start working on some goals and execute some plans I've had in my head for months.

My dislike of mowing grass has been one of the main motivations but I also love plants and by digging up some lawn and putting in a walk through garden I will have less lawn to cut and more space for plants!

It has involved laying some paving stones - easier than it looks.....the challenge being getting them all level.... here are some photos of a work in progress.

Laying out the paving stones to get a rough idea of their spacing -

 I've recycled a range of old paving stones - by the time they are dug into the ground and surrounded by plants their different sizes wont be so obvious....
I'll take a few more photos once backyard blitz has been finished... hopefully soon!

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