Sunday, 14 October 2012

My Creative Space

In my creative space this week, I've been busy preparing for a jewellery party!

My little niece Emma chose a jewellery party as the theme to celebrate her 7th birthday with a gathering of some of her special friends from school.

I put together a couple of bead boxes to include a wide range of colours, sizes and shapes.

Box 1 - the greens, blues, mauves and purples

Box 2 - the reds, oranges, yellows and pinks

Next .... bringing together a selection of charms and pendants to attach to their bracelet and necklace creations.

Here is a wee sample -

And finally, little organza bags for each party guest to put their own piece of jewellery into before going home:
I'll hopefully have some photos to share of the end result too.......

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