Tuesday, 15 January 2013

My Studio Space - Goal 1 Staying Organised

I've got a fondness for boxes made of wood - old antique boxes that have personality, a story and character. Over the years my collection has grown and they populate my living space, bedroom and dining room. I included one of them as part of my Sunday Snaps last week.

I often wonder where these loves come from.. we've all got them...things we are drawn to, perhaps collect, things that make us happy or curious.. and things that make our homes welcoming, comfortable and warm.

My love of little boxes has also made its way into my studio space... not so much the antique wooden type but just as appealing. To keep my desk organised, I've got a nice collection of small decorative cardboard boxes for storage.This purple one houses my stamps - I had it out yesterday as I packaged a necklace up to send interstate:

This next one has a French theme and keeps my business cards organised:

You can find these boxes everywhere but I've gathered ones that mean something  to me.. and along the way they keep my space organised. 

How do you stay organised?

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