Tuesday, 22 January 2013

#52 Lists - Week 3

I like lists!

I write myself lists all the time and keep a small notebook in my bag just in case something needs to be added to one of my lists! This keeps me organised and jogs the memory....well.. most of the time!

I came across the talented and creative Pip from Meet Me At Mikes and have joined in #52 Lists for 2013 - although I'm a bit behind as I joined just in time for week 3.

Here is my list for week 3 - Favourite TV shows from my childhood:

After I took this photo and uploaded it to my blog, I realised I forgot to add 'Julia'- that would be my No.9. This was a great list to write as it conjured up memories of coming home from school, pouring a Milo and catching up with some of my much loved TV characters.

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