Monday, 3 December 2012

Day 3 - Reverb12

Day 3 of Reverb 12 - 'What Do You Really Wish For'

I joined up for Reverb 12 on the 1st day of December but I've been out of action over the past few days and haven't really been able to bring together time and energy for a whole range of stuff ... including my blog.

My lovely Dad is very unwell in hospital and he is dominating my thoughts. What I really wish for right now is to somehow protect him from suffering, turn back the years, buy back precious time together, hear his voice, see him smile and laugh...that's what I wish for......

In amongst it all..poor Murphy had to visit the Vet. A (hopefully benign) lump has appeared, he needed some vaccinations too (... which meant needles....I got the 'death stare') and had to have an unpleasant examination of a certain area. This all meant he was not a happy boy at the end of the consultation!

But.. to finish on a happier note, true to form he got home to a few treats and he was smiling again...

In the words of poet and artist Khalil Gibran:

 'Love gives naught but itself 
and takes naught but from itself. 
Love possesses not
nor would it be possessed;
for love is sufficient
unto love'

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