Friday, 8 November 2013

Sculpture by the Sea

I feel very lucky to live in Sydney.
It is a beautiful city and is often host to some spectacular events.
For the past 17 years, Sculpture by the Sea has existed along the Bondi Beach to Tamarama coastal walk. What started as a one day exhibition has now grown into an amazing cultural display extending over 2 weeks. This year there were over 100 sculptures on display from artists across 14 countries.

Most of the sculptures are huge - so the work, inspiration and effort in bringing the exhibition together is truly incredible. The backdrop of the Pacific Ocean is a divine canvas......I hope my photos can do it justice.

I had many favourites..........

The Great Bondi Sharehouse by Margarita Sampson
'All creatures need a little matter if we have fur or feathers, tentacles or toes'

Moon Buddha by Vince Vozzo

The next 2 photos show the wonderful creation made from plywood and polypropylene named Coral by Coral Collective (artists, architects and academics from QLD)

This one is called Start by Richard Tipping....'these poetic word works are self contained 'idea icons'. Art is bursting out of its formal frame'.

 This stunning sculpture by Toshio Lezumi from Japan is made of float glass and stands 25metres high (although my photo only shows a portion):

 And the favourite - which packed a whopping visual punch as the waves moved towards the shore:

Horizon by Lucy Humphrey
'Using water as a sculptural material, the work will temporarily transform the viewer's experience of the site...'

There was also some home grown 'installations' by local residents amongst the trees beside the coastal walk path:

The view towards Bondi Beach:

...and Tamarama Bay:

Sculpture by the Sea finishes in 2 days... but there is always next year - 23rd Oct to 9th Nov 2014! 
A good excuse to visit Sydney and plan a holiday.

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