Sunday, 10 February 2013

Still Organising......Project 'Life'

I started 2013 with a resolution to tackle a whole range of tasks centred around 'organising'.

This includes my photos, endless recipe collection, books, beads, garden. My creative space is a work in progress. It was actually quite organised but then I decided late last year to rearrange the way I organised my bead stash...I'll get back to that later. I can still find what I'm looking for but beads are currently occupying every surface in the room. I'll be tacking that next!

What I have been doing this week is organising my books.
I love books... I have them everywhere.
I had a bookshelf built but the shelves were full and I was stacking them up in piles outside the shelves. I decided to take all the books out, arrange them alphabetically and double them up on each shelf - so there is a now a row of books behind the front row on each shelf.

Here is the before photo:

Here is the 'after' photo:

It was definitely worth the time.
Then end result is more space... for more books! I'm actually trying to curb my spending on books this year..yet another challenge for 2013.

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