Saturday, 28 July 2012

Meet Murphy Dog

This is Murphy Dog. He is Assistant Executive Manager of the household and Vibrant Designs and likes to think he runs the show.

Here he is outside in the garden - in his 'patch' which used to be covered in grass until he secured it as his favourite spot to sunbake each day. His coat is soft and scruffy and picks up a variety of flora and fauna from the garden which he then brings inside.. so I find myself sweeping the floorboards on a very regular basis to take various garden remnants back outside again.

He is a rescue dog and joined the household in 2008 - I'm not sure how old he is but he is a lovely soul with a gentle nature and an obsession for bones, digging bones, patrolling the back fence, walking and sniffing! So obsessed is he with sniffing that no blade of grass is left without his attention and a short walk can easily take 10 times as long to complete if I don't keep him focussed on the path ahead. He has a small fan club in the community in which I live and I'm sure he will pop up from time to time on this blog.

I am off to do housework, go for a run and then hit my creative space .. ( I plan to get into my stash of Coral and silver this afternoon). Enjoy your weekend.

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